How to make ‘meat’ from scratch: Al Jazeera food expert

Al Jazeera’s food editor, Rania El-Shami, has been cooking up recipes from scratch for a few months now.

She says it’s a process that has given her the confidence to cook food that’s not only healthy, but that’s also easy to make.

Al Jazeera: Can you give us a quick rundown of the process you go through to make food?

Al-Shatti: For example, for the ‘meat’, I just make a bowl of rice.

That’s what I usually cook for.

Then, I add a few spices, a few vegetables and the broth to it.

Al-shatti: Then I make a pan and fill it with water and salt.

Then I add the rice, and it becomes a meatball.

Aljazeera: Do you know anything about meat from the Middle East?

AlShatti (sighing): I don’t know anything, actually.

The food I cook for myself is usually a lot simpler, because I do not have any knowledge of the Middle Eastern diet.

I have no idea what it tastes like, what it looks like, how it tastes, how the meat tastes.

AlShami: But I do know that it’s important to eat a lot of vegetables.

Vegetables are great for you.

Alshatti (wondering): And if you are not a big fan of the taste of meat, you can cook it with some other vegetables and make it better.

Al Shatti: I do make a lot, and I think I do get a lot out of them.

Al Jour: So, what else do you cook with vegetables?

Al Shami: Oh, well, it depends.

I do try to make some soup and some salads, as well.

AlJour: Do those salads really taste good?

Alshami: Yes.

It’s good, but not very delicious.

It depends on how you make it.

You need to use the seasonings and the seasoning and everything else.

I think you can do salads with the right spices, but there are some that taste like fish.

You also need to have a lot.

Al Arabiya: Al Shadi is a food writer and chef based in Damascus.

She also runs the food blog Eat Your Way, which has a lot to say about Middle Eastern cuisine.

Follow her on Twitter: @aljazeerafood and Al Jazeera Food on Facebook.

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