Houston Food Bank and Soul Food have been partners for 10 years: Embracing the spirit of Houston

A little over a year ago, Houston Food Banks and Soul Foods (HFS&S) announced they would be partnering for 10 more years.

Today, the two companies announced they will be extending their collaboration beyond just food.

They are also partnering to expand the Heartland Food Bank, a food pantry in Houston, to a 501(c)(3) food bank. 

In addition to providing a safe place for people to turn to for food, HFS&P will also work to build a stronger food-driven economy, with its newest partner, Soul Food, adding to the existing Heartland food bank by launching a food-themed bar. 

HFS &S will be a non-profit 501(3) organization, which means that they will not be receiving corporate or government funding.

The company will also use their resources to help support local food businesses and the local community. 

“We are excited to have Soul Food join HFS & S as our new partner, and are honored to be working with them to further their partnership to help communities like Houston,” said Sarah T. Johnson, CEO of HFS, in a press release.

“Soul Food is known for its unique, handcrafted and delicious recipes that are inspired by Houston’s rich and vibrant culinary traditions.

They have become Houston’s culinary ambassadors and we’re proud to welcome them to our family.” 

Soul Food’s mission is to create a food culture that celebrates diversity and respect for the human spirit.

The Houston Food Network (HFMN), which focuses on diversity in food, has been a key supporter of the company’s work.

HFS and Soul are also working together to build the Houston FoodBank, which serves low-income residents, seniors and people with disabilities. 

The new partnership will also expand the HFS Houston Food Pantry to serve food to those in need.

The food pantries are located in Houston’s Downtown and Southside neighborhoods. 

Soul is a Houston-based restaurant, beverage and food manufacturer and distributor.

Soul Food began in 2007 with two mission goals: “to serve our community with great food that is made with integrity and quality and to create an inclusive community through our dedication to supporting local businesses and their employees.

We strive to do our part to support the food movement by supporting local food companies and providing a place for Houstonians to enjoy good food in a safe and nurturing environment.” 

With its upcoming expansion, the Houston food bank has already begun a new phase of development and expansion.

It plans to create more food and beverage and entertainment options to enhance the experience for people in the city. 

If you are looking for more local food to share with others, check out our roundup of our favorite local food restaurants around Houston.

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