What you need to know about fast food restaurants opening in Washington state

Posted September 09, 2018 06:05:23When the first McDonald’s opened in the District of Columbia in 1981, it was a small business, serving fast food and burgers to the poor.

But in the past two decades, the chain has grown to become the nation’s fourth-largest restaurant chain.

The chain has expanded to serve a growing number of customers in the U.S. and around the world, including restaurants in Canada, Japan and China, as well as in other parts of the world.

The fast food chain’s rapid growth has created competition among other fast food chains, including chains like Chipotle and Subway, that have been trying to replicate the McDonald’s success.

Chipotle announced plans to open a location in Washington last month.

In a blog post, Chipotle CEO Dave McMillan said that the chain’s plans “reflect a commitment to expand into new markets and expand our footprint around the country and beyond.”

McMillan said Chipotle will serve “some of the best burgers in America,” and that it will offer a variety of burgers including the McChickos, a sandwich with lettuce and tomato.

McMillon said Chipotles will also offer “an array of delicious takeout meals and snacks including grilled chicken and grilled veggies.”

Chipotle also said that it plans to hire 2,000 workers to serve fast food customers in Washington, D.C.

McDonald’s plans to employ 2,500 people to serve customers in its restaurants in the Washington, DC area, McMillon said.

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