Eat a Calcium-Rich Diet and You Might Be Able to Live Well Without Eating Any of the Impossible Foods

Eat a calcium-rich diet and you might be able to live well without eating any of the impossible foods.

If you eat a high-protein diet, you might not have a problem eating more calories than you burn.

But if you eat too much protein, you’ll likely have a heart attack and die soon after.

If your body is already built to handle high-calorie foods, your risk of developing heart disease will be even higher.

So here’s a simple way to help you avoid the worst-case scenarios: Eat more calcium-fortified foods.

Eat as many high-quality, calcium-packed foods as you can.

Eat whole grains, nuts, beans and other vegetables.

Don’t overdo it.

And if you don’t eat meat, try avoiding processed meat like sausages and bacon.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you can live with your excess calcium intake.


Eat lots of calcium-dense foods.

Calcium is a mineral that’s necessary for all living things, but it can also be added to fruits and vegetables, as well as some processed foods.

To eat more calcium, eat foods like foods made of bone broth, seaweed, tofu, chicken stock, and fish, and nuts and seeds.

When calcium is added to foods, it lowers the pH in the food so it tastes more like calcium.

So if you have a calcium deficiency, this helps keep the body in balance.


Eat low-calcium foods.

A healthy diet with a high proportion of calcium can help lower your risk for developing osteoporosis and other health problems.

It can also lower your chances of developing osteopenia, or bone damage, by preventing calcium from being broken down into calcium phosphate.

This also lowers the risk of heart disease.


Limit alcohol and smoking.

When you reduce your alcohol and cigarette consumption, your body makes more vitamin D and vitamin B12, which are necessary for your body to manufacture red blood cells and platelets, which keep your cells healthy.


Reduce red meat.

The American Heart Association recommends that people who eat meat should consume less red meat, including hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, hot wings and pork.


Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

These foods have the ability to lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.


Try not to eat processed meat.

The best way to keep your body healthy is to eat the foods you grew up eating.

That’s why the Mayo Clinic advises people to eat foods grown in the United States, rather than imports, but you can always choose to eat your favourite foods.

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