A Mexican restaurant offers vegan meals for under $1 per person

A Mexican food truck in Los Angeles, Calif., is offering to sell food for under a dollar per person for under 100 meals.

The tacos are made with the freshest ingredients and vegan-friendly ingredients.

The truck is called Food Truck Fiesta.

A restaurant called Food Trucks Deli in San Francisco offers a similar service for $1.75 per meal.

The trucks are still in the experimental phase, so customers can order a plate and eat it as they please.

A few months ago, a couple in Colorado ordered a dozen tacos for $2.25.

They’re now selling them for $3.50, but they’re still limited to 50 a day.

The food truck concept is gaining popularity with the increasing demand for healthier food options.

The San Francisco startup has received over 2 million monthly orders.

The founder, Tania Garcia, is a vegan and has no interest in marketing the food truck.

She said that in her mind the food is “truly a compassionate act.”

The food trucks in Mexico, she said, have become “a little bit of a movement.”

The tacos come in two flavors, and they are available in two sizes: a large and a small.

“There’s nothing wrong with a little bit more than one,” Garcia said.

The large taco is typically $5.25 and has a base of beef or chicken, with vegetables, beans, and cheese.

“The smaller size, you can add rice or anything else,” she said.

“It’s just a matter of taste.”

Garcia said that she had initially planned on selling only vegetarian and vegan food but after talking to a couple people, she decided to expand her offerings.

Garcia said she hopes the business will help spread the message about veganism in Mexico and beyond.

“People are starting to realize that eating vegan can be pretty tasty,” she told NBC News.

“If you’re eating vegan, you’re not going to feel like a total meat eater.

It’s definitely something people need to be aware of.”

Garcia added that the food trucks have helped people in the U.S. understand the importance of veganism and how it affects people’s health.

She hopes the trend will continue.

“We are really proud of this, and we really hope people will embrace it,” she added.

Garcia is also in talks to expand the company to other cities in the US.

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