Which fast food chain serves the least?

Fast food chain Chipotle has ranked No. 8 for the least-favorite fast food chains.

It comes in at No. 4 in overall number of fast food restaurants, No. 14 for locations per capita and No. 3 for fast food prices per capita.

Chipotle’s No. 1 ranking is in part due to the fact that the chain has less than two dozen locations in each state, including the cities of Houston and Dallas.

However, there are a few restaurants in each of those cities that serve the least amount of fast-food customers per capita, which is what the chain aims for.

The company has been focusing on building new stores in those cities, which helps it achieve its goal of having 30,000+ locations by 2021.

The chain’s top 10 worst fast-souvenirs places are in Dallas (No. 7), Houston (No 4), Atlanta (No 2), Detroit (No 1) and Chicago (No 5).

The company also has the fourth-worst fast-casual restaurants, which includes a few chain restaurants in the Midwest.

The chain ranks at No 4 for locations in per capita population.

Other popular fast food places on the list include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Taco Bell and Taco Express.

The latter two chains have been at the top of the rankings for the past year, but have not achieved the same high-ranking in the past three years.

The restaurant chain has been increasing its footprint in new markets such as Atlanta, Miami and Dallas, and is now the No. 2 chain in fast-grocery spending per capita in those locations.

The ranking is based on a ranking of the top 30 fast food restaurant chains based on food, beverage, fast-fashion and retail categories.

The survey was conducted by Nielsen and was conducted among 1,715 U.S. adults.

The rankings for top 25 most-liked restaurants are:The ranking for top 10 most-favorite locations are:

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