How to test for food allergy from the comfort of your home

The US Food and Drug Administration has been asked to test the comfort food industry for allergy-causing bacteria by the Food Allergy Research and Education Center, according to a new report.

The FDA has also requested a list of products and companies that have been tested, and has asked to see whether any food products or brands can be linked to allergy, said David Kranz, the FDA’s assistant commissioner for health safety and quality.

“This will allow FDA to determine if any safety data exists about the comfort foods,” Kranzi said in a statement.

“The FDA is currently investigating the comfortfood industry to identify any possible allergens.”

The report is the latest in a series of reports about comfort food contamination, with some claiming that some brands contain bacteria that cause allergies.

But while some companies have admitted to testing their products, other companies have denied any involvement in the food safety problems.

The report, which was commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers, comes amid growing concerns over the comfort industry.

The FDA last year asked food companies to stop testing products on the basis of an industry study that found that the most commonly used comfort food was likely to contain traces of allergens.