How to safely store food for an allergy

Food allergies can make it difficult to store and transport your own food, even if you are not allergic to food.Learn how to do it safely.article Food storage containers are one way to store foods, but you don’t have to be an expert to understand how to safely and securely store your food.If you are […]

When Starbucks opens a new food desert, they’re going to need to find better ways to sell food

Starbucks is a company with a long history of trying to solve food issues.But for a brand that prides itself on the simple act of providing you with a place to eat, the Starbucks food menu is not exactly ideal.Starbucks has been trying to change that.The food at Starbucks locations in the United States and […]

How to test for food allergy from the comfort of your home

The US Food and Drug Administration has been asked to test the comfort food industry for allergy-causing bacteria by the Food Allergy Research and Education Center, according to a new report.The FDA has also requested a list of products and companies that have been tested, and has asked to see whether any food products or […]

How to eat low sodium foods in an effort to decrease heart disease risk

The most commonly reported risk factors for developing heart disease are the number of salt intake per day, high blood pressure and diabetes.It has been well-documented that the more salt we consume, the more we are likely to suffer heart disease.A recent review by researchers at University College London found that a low sodium diet […]

How to find a fast food restaurant near you

I had to search the internet for a fast-food restaurant near me.I found one that had the same name as my favorite brand of baby food and I was hungry.So I went to the store and ordered it.But I wasn’t satisfied with the food.I wanted more.I want to buy more.So when I went back home […]

What you need to know about food stamp office vacancies

Food stamps office vacancies are becoming more common in cities as food insecurity worsens, as the economy worsens and as the federal government makes changes to food stamps and other programs to address the country’s chronic food shortages.But, as food stamp offices are growing, so is the demand for their services.Here’s what you need when […]

How to buy Brazil’s first Michelin-starred steak at the world’s most expensive steakhouse

It’s a tale of two worlds in Rio de Janeiro.There’s the world of the restaurant, where you might find the first Michelins star.Then there’s the food market.A recent visit to the steakhouse where you can buy a steak for just $13.95 is a true feast for the eyes.But while the prices of some Brazilian meat […]

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