‘Food insecurity’ food crisis could be on the rise in India

Food insecurity is on the increase in India, with some families relying on food assistance from relatives to keep them going, according to food experts.

The problem could get worse, according the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, because India is struggling to implement a government plan to improve the nutritional status of millions of people.

A report released on Tuesday by the U.N. agency showed that in rural areas, more than half of the children living below the poverty line are overweight or obese.

India’s government has launched a nationwide food distribution scheme, which has seen some success, but the U,N.

experts warned that more efforts are needed to improve access to food and feed.

While the country has a large number of people living below poverty lines, the experts said, a bigger problem lies in the country’s lack of adequate nutrition.

“India’s food security is the main challenge facing the country,” said Rajiv Chatterjee, a senior nutritionist with the U.,N.

Food and Agricultural Organization.

Indian households face high levels of food insecurity because of poor access to nutrition, the United Nation report said. 

The country also faces the challenge of a lack of reliable nutrition information and is struggling with the issue of food security itself.

There is a lack the access to reliable food information that helps to prevent households from food-related malnutrition, according Dr. V. Ramakrishnan, a health researcher at the World Health Organization.

India’s lack in food security could worsen as the government works to improve its food security, said Chatterji, who added that a lack in access to fresh food is another reason why India has the highest rate of food-induced diarrhoea in the world.

More than half the population in India live in rural and tribal areas, with the majority living in the remote, remote north.

Dr. P.B. Ramachandran, an Indian nutritionist, told Reuters Health that India’s poor access and availability of healthy food could have an impact on people’s ability to survive.

“A lack of access to healthy food can have a big impact on the nutritional state of the people,” Ramachan said.

According to the UNAIDS, the country is the only one of the world’s 27 major food-producing countries that does not have a government-led programme to improve nutrition.

The government has set up a task force, but its work is not well-received.

Many Indian families are struggling with inadequate nutrition because they do not have access to nutritious food.

Many are also living in poverty, which contributes to a high incidence of obesity.

Despite the government’s efforts, the food security crisis has worsened in India.

In rural areas of India, nearly 60 percent of the population live in poverty.

Chatterjee said he expected the food insecurity issue to worsen.

With the government working on a plan to make the country healthier, but there is no evidence that the plan is working, there is a real danger that food insecurity will worsen, he said.

“We are looking at a huge food security problem,” he said, noting that a high level of malnutrition, and a high prevalence of food poverty, are factors contributing to food insecurity.

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