Whole Foods CEO says ‘there are some companies in the restaurant industry that have been able to take the cake’

Food giant Whole Foods is facing the prospect of losing billions in the wake of a $3.9bn food recall that included products such as the popular chicken sandwich, which has become a cornerstone of its signature breakfast menu.

In a blog post on Thursday, Whole Foods Chief Executive Mike Mulligan said that while the recall was not as big as it first appeared, he had been told that some companies have been “taking the cake” for the recall.

“While the food is not a perfect product, we believe that there are some of the businesses that have taken the cake and are able to continue to provide food to our customers,” he said.

“This is a good news story and we are hopeful that it can move forward with full profitability.”

In a separate blog post, Mr Mulligan added that the company was “disappointed” by the outcome of the recall and would look into further steps to help improve its supply chain.

“We are not going to go back and take any more food from this plant,” he wrote.

“The food is still in its factory in North Carolina and the food that we make in Northampton will continue to be made in this facility.”

And as we work with our suppliers and our employees, we are also confident that the food quality will be the same.

“The recall was announced on February 17, which coincided with the annual Super Bowl.

It has since become the subject of a number of public and Congressional hearings, and prompted a number people to boycott the chain.

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the recall, which was linked to an unknown bacteria in some of its products.

The recall prompted Whole Foods to issue an apology for the “unnecessary and unnecessary” cost of food to customers, including $1.3bn in refunds and a $1bn settlement with the manufacturer of a refrigerated cheese product.

The company said it was now working with its suppliers to “make sure we can continue to deliver the quality and value that customers have come to expect”.”

And as we continue to grow, we expect to do so again.””

In the past, we have not faced recalls of this size.

And as we continue to grow, we expect to do so again.”


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