More than 100 cases of food allergy reported at Disneyland in two days

DISNEYLAND, Calif.— More than 100 people have reported food allergies to Disney parks in two consecutive days, the company said Monday.The Disneyland park in Anaheim was closed to the public Monday because of the issue.The park reopened Tuesday after extensive testing.A spokesperson for the park told ABC News that the Disneyland park has more than […]

Whole Foods CEO says ‘there are some companies in the restaurant industry that have been able to take the cake’

Food giant Whole Foods is facing the prospect of losing billions in the wake of a $3.9bn food recall that included products such as the popular chicken sandwich, which has become a cornerstone of its signature breakfast menu.In a blog post on Thursday, Whole Foods Chief Executive Mike Mulligan said that while the recall was […]

When Starbucks opens a new food desert, they’re going to need to find better ways to sell food

Starbucks is a company with a long history of trying to solve food issues.But for a brand that prides itself on the simple act of providing you with a place to eat, the Starbucks food menu is not exactly ideal.Starbucks has been trying to change that.The food at Starbucks locations in the United States and […]