Why did the Cebu City Mayor ban the food cart?

According to local media reports, Mayor Antonio Mabini banned the food carts from selling food during the first few hours of the new year in the city of Cebuta, the capital of the state of Bicol.The mayor said that the ban would stop the people from purchasing the food from local businesses.According to reports, the […]

How to Get Rid of Food Poisoning Treatments in Africa

From the U.S. to South Africa, food poisoning treatment facilities around the world are flooded with food poisoning patients.While the majority of these patients are treated in the U, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find quality food poisoning treatments in other parts of the world.Here’s what you need to know about food poisoning and what […]

A halal food company in Cuba is facing backlash after it advertises that it offers halal foods to people who can’t afford to eat pork or beef.

Cubans are not the only ones complaining about the halal products sold by the Cuban Food and Health Company, which advertises its products on its website and on the company’s social media accounts.“We want to stress that we offer halal meats as part of our products and our customers are welcome to choose whatever meats […]