How low calorie dog food can be: Low calorie, high protein and lots of nutrition

A new pet food company is taking the “low-calorie, high-protein” formula that many dog owners have been using for years and introducing it to dogs and cats.The Low Carb Dog Food is a low-carb, high carb dog food with lots of protein, and a mix of healthy fats and proteins.The formula is the same as […]

Grapes, bread, potatoes and a big bowl of soup are among the items covered by food stamps in Georgia

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has been the main tool for many families, including those in the Northeast and Appalachia, who have found themselves struggling with food prices and an uncertain future.The federal government, however, has long resisted extending food stamps to a region or state.The issue is so sensitive that a proposal to […]

Which food is your favorite?

Beneful Dog Food is getting an expansion, and it’ll add a whole new line of delicious, delicious dog food to the shelves.The company has announced that the new product line, called Beneful Food For Your Family, will be available at the end of the year.The new product will include Beneful’s popular Chicken McNuggets, and will […]

Food, Diet, and Politics

The American Conservatives is the online publication of The American Family Association, an organization whose mission is to “promote biblical values through family-centered parenting, family-oriented nutrition, family leadership, and family values.”In a recent editorial, the group urged Christians to resist the pressures of consumerism and consumerism’s influence on society.“It is imperative that we avoid buying […]

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